5 Ways Social Media Can Increase Your Marketing Productivity

5 Ways Social Media Can Increase Your Marketing Productivity

5 Ways Social Media Can Increase Your Marketing Productivity


Tracking the productivity and efficiency of your social media marketing strategies is so important. Despite the ever-increasing number of social media and their marketing strategies, the marketing productivity competitions are increasing day by day. To squeezing the budget for greater efficiency while maintaining or improving productivity is the challenge for every business owner and marketing person. The key to increasing the marketing productivity with social media is to keep up with latest social media marketing updates and strategies so that you can cope up with growing online competition.

There are some great effective ways for increasing your business marketing productivity, which you should follow and consider for your online business growth.


Increase Brand Awareness

By creating a page or profile on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc., more people become aware of your business or brand and about what services and products are you offer. People will become your customers only after knowing your brand perfectly. With social media, you can better spread your products and services through them.


Improve Your Online Visibility

Search engines now provide much reliability to content shared on social media. They believe only quality content is shared. The more you share unique quality content on social media, the more your page will visible to the audience and the more you can generate traffic with that. If your social media profiles are linked with your website or blog, you can achieve a higher ranking in search engine listings.


Competitor Research

A research on your competitors that belongs to the same business and same product and services, is very important to increase your business productivity. The knowledge about competitors’ goals and deals that they are offering to the audience, is vital for one’s progress and development. Increasing productivity with social media through competitor research has several advantages. With competitor research, you can check which content gathers the most engagement from their audience, which post gets the most number of likes, comments, and shares to know what interests the people.


Enhance Effective Communication and Interaction With Customers

People now mostly communicate through social media rather than other media and they feel more comfortable on them. They spend hours on social media sites and stay connected through them. With social media, you can reach out to more people at once, and communicate more smoothly and effectively. Asking questions on your social media posts get people to comment, increasing the engagement on your posts. Ask specific business related questions that represent your products and services, which connects the audience with your brand.


New Opportunities

Social media helps a lot in increasing brand awareness and with that, other businesses will want to collaborate with you. Others may offer to buy your business; the decision is yours in this case. A partnership offer will strengthen your business opportunity.

Now you see how social media can help in increasing your marketing productivity. Don’t wait for a long, grab the opportunity and utilize social media as much as you can for your business promotions and you will see the results.

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3 Tools for Creating Awesome Blog Titles

Biggest Content Marketing Challenge

Not the only content of your blog but also the main Title of your blog should be creative, catchy, and impactful. The reader will read your blog if he finds your title attractive and meaningful. I will show you how to make great headlines for your article using a creative title generator tool.

Your blog is up and almost ready and you are going to publish it but before hitting the publish button you start thinking on the title “is this title is best suitable for my article?”

This happens to me always and I am sure a lot of bloggers struggle when it comes to writing a catchy Title. That’s why I use a catchy title generator tool because it will generate hundreds of clickable headlines in seconds.

Your headline is the main and perhaps only impression you make on prospective readers. It’s not enough to write the best content, you have to make a cool title so that reader will click on your site to read that article.

In this article, I am providing you the best catchy title generator tools so you can get endless awesome clickable blog titles in seconds.

1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator
This is simple to use catchy title generator tool. You have to do is just insert the subject or keyword and a unique title will automatically generate for you. You have to go through a few of them until you get one that best title that suits your content.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

2. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator
The most popular title generator tools this one out there. It’s quite easy to use. Just enter your keyword in the field and click the button. Each time you will do, 5 titles will generate for you. The HubSpot generator is all in one solution if you don’t know what to write about.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

3. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator
This tool is one of my favorite title generator tools when it comes to blog title suggestions for my post. It generates not only 1 or 5 titles, it generates hundreds of them, isn’t it cool? You just have to do is go through them all for find the perfect one for your blog title.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

These title generator tools will definitely help you for generating a catchy headline for your post. But remember one thing that no headline generator is perfect so you have to put your smartness also to pick best one for you. There are lot more title generator tools online; you can search for that also.

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7 Android Blogs You Should Read


7 Android Blogs You Should Read

7 Android Blogs You Should Read


Those who connected to Android phones and devices they love to know the latest information about their Android devices and apps. Whether you want to know about latest android launches, read the reviews of the hottest android devices and apps, or many more ideas about how to conserving battery life and how to secure android device. To get all these information and the answers to your all queries, you must read these top Android blogs for the help.

Android blogs are a great place to get Android news, events, updates, and reviews, whether they are from individual bloggers or technology sites. Here I am providing top 7 Android blogs that you must follow. Some of them are devoted to phones and new tricks for using them and others are focused more on Android apps and developing strategies.

Android guys is a good place for Android news and opinions and it has been existing for more than eight years. This blog delivers current and future information, analysis, insight, and more about Android so that viewers know everything they need to know about Android devices. This Android blog focuses more on the Android news and reviews.

Hello Android blog is known for its helpful Android tutorials. It also provides Android news, downloads, stories, and a handy searchable device database. We also like Hello Android’s development project links.

Cultomedia Corp. publishes Cult of Android ‘A daily news site’, focused on providing the best Android news to the readers. This blog delivers timely news, insightful analysis, and honest reviews about all android things.

AndroMint is an Android blog that delivers the latest technology news, gadgets reviews, tutorials, and more. AndroMint is a source for the latest in phone launches and reviews, this is why readers find it useful and helpful.

Androidized is a great platform for all the latest news updates about Android devices. This Android blog provides the latest news and reviews for Android-powered devices. Androidized categories include Android games, phones, tablets, apps, and much more.

Android Beat delivers the latest Android news. Android users and fans can find Android tips and tricks easily on Android Beat. The ‘what’s hot’ section of Android Beat is awesome, which gives us direct access to the top trends in Android with one click.

Android Community shares news, reviews, and rumors. Android Community is a resource for the app, game, and device reviews. The community includes mobile and tech enthusiasts and professionals, as well as consumers, who embrace Android technology.

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Steps to Develop Powerful Social Marketing Strategy for your Online Business

In today’s social marketing world and the digital economy, practical business knowledge is more than powerful. Social marketing is increasing day by day in the past few years. Online businesses and e-commerce stores facing a challenge to increase traffic to their site. Online stores and businesses are increasing explosively in the e-commerce world and these huge amounts of online business sites are making it tougher for other e-commerce sites to attract the relevant visitors needed to stay in business. With this post, I am going to provide you some effective social media marketing strategy for a business that will enhance your business and increase visitors to your site and ranking on Google.


  1. Post Daily Content for Continued Growth

One of the easiest ways to grow your visitors on social media is to post relevant and effective content constantly. Make sure your post is very helpful, unique, and keyword rich so that viewers may find your post easily. You should post your content once a day on Facebook and 4-5 times on twitter. This is the best social media marketing strategy for business.


  1. Use Images When Posting to Any Social Media Site

Including images with the post is the most effective way of gathering traffic and anyone’s attention. Photos have the maximum chances of getting 50% likes more than of the normal posts. When you want to post an announcement or to promote your products or services then include the link of the page and attach an image to the post.


  1. Increase Exposure of Your Communities with Social Buttons

If you provide more access to your visitors to your social networks with social buttons on your post, the more you will gain likes on that. The best way to increase your impressions on your social networks is by including social buttons within your site and within your marketing communications.


Some of the places you should embed social buttons:

  • Header of your site and blog
  • Footer of your site and blog
  • In your newsletter
  • In your e-mail signature
  • Within blog posts


  1. Run a Launchrock Campaign

Launchrock is a free social media marketing service that collects all the email addresses of people who really want to access the launch of a new app, service or anything. Launchrock integrates social media within the subscription process, which is a very powerful strategy to turn a regular promotion into a viral marketing to drive traffic and sales.


  1. Create Micro But Powerful Content

We all pissed off with the long contents and overloaded information because we don’t have so much time to stuck on a content. To attract your customers or visitors, your content should short, relevant, impactful, and useful for visitors. Your content is your power; if your content is rich and powerful then you can gain traffic easily.


  1. Run Twitter Q&A

A great social media marketing plan for the business is required to achieve higher ranking and to generate sales. A great tactic for business is to grow your Twitter community is by hosting a Twitter Q&A in a week. Pick a day of the week, and then post questions related to your product, industry, business or anything.

Note: Pick a hashtag with your twitter Q&A this will help the branding.


  1. Run a Pinterest Account

Pinterest is used for a wide range of marketing activities. It is one of the largest social networks in the world. You can run a treasure hunt in Pinterest for business promotions. Pinterest provides the best social media marketing service to promote your brand.


  1. Everything with Different Titles in Your Blog Posts

The title of a blog post holds a lot more impact and gets as much attention as the content of your post. Here are some tips for creating your title effective:

  • Use common language
  • Use interrogative title
  • Keep it short
  • Use negative (Do’s and Don’ts)
  • If your post is including points then make sure you enable in title how many points you are giving.


  1. Make it Easy for Your Customers to Share and Pin Your Products

Include easy sharing and like button in your posts in your every social network like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ and make sure that they are not hidden away in your store’s theme.


  1. Invest in an Infographic

From the last few years, infographics have become so popular. One of the best ways is investing in a professionally designed infographic to create a huge spike in traffic to your site and you can get so many high value back links.



There are lot more social media marketing strategies for growing your business on the internet. I have mentioned some of them best strategies above to enhance your business online and get more traffic and generate your business sales. Follow these points and apply soon.

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web design

Optimizing website design for mobile view

SEO for mobileview

First things come first:
Why you should optimize your website for mobile? The mobilegeddon update in April 2015 highlighted the importance of mobile devices. This was in results of search engines like Google. It also stated that if a site is being optimized for mobile device. It also impacts its general desktop results a lot. After the update, there was a lot of shuffle in the search rankings. A number of top companies lost their ranks tremendously. Some of the SEO gurus even compared it, with the search fluctuations after Google penguin was launched. This was way back in 2012. So it becomes an established fact, that it is essential for any site to optimize itself for mobile and tablet view. This approach is now followed by all Web Design companies in Jaipur, and in a broader sense in the whole India and World. It is being used as per search engine regulations.

Now we will talk about multiple parameters of design which makes your site mobile friendly:

I. Get back to basics first :

Your content must be visually appealing. This is in accordance with the small screen size of the mobile and tablet devices. This can be easily performed by the effective use of CSS.
Reduce the image sizes and increase the font size in the images/pics. This makes them easily readable.
The scroll should be top-to-bottom. Avoid right-left Scroll.
If your webpage is long enough, do not forget to add a “move-to-top” button at the bottom-right of the screen.
Get an exclusive app developed if your site is an e-commerce store. By saying this we are going beyond the scope of this blog. But it is an honest advice from us.

II. Rethink your designing options: prefer mobile sub-domain

Don’t allow Google to automatically convert your site to mobile friendly form. This makes your images and content resizing in a unattractive way.
Instead make a mobile sub-domain. This can be done with the help of sub-domain txt files. This will disallow your mobile specific optimization to interfere with the desktop version.
Avoid using flash or ajax. In their place use XHTML and WML.
You have to make sure that your site runs well on WAP devices too. And not only on smartphones. This will breath- in a wider spectrum of audiences to your site.

III. Tablet Optimization :
You also need to optimize your website for a little wider screen than the smartphones i.e. tablet and phablets. You actually have to make sure that your device runs neatly on every type and size of screen.

Follow all of the above design principles and get ready to be flooded with lots of organic traffic to your site.

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Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization social-media-marketing

9 Common Misconceptions About Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

As Social Media expands its reach to every strata of Indian society, more and more marketers are focusing on it, tapping its humongous potential. But, as a thing becomes big and complex, misinterpretations of the information is bound to occur. Following is a list of misconceptions regarding social media marketing. We have tried our level best to sort out all of them:

Only if your post is viral than, it makes some sense in social media marketing: Social media can also be used to build your reputation slowly and steadily. It’s not only about huge companies like Flipkart or Snapdeal with millions of views and likes. There are also multiple brands which steadily built their social profile through organic traffic , like Voylla and TVF Pitchers.

Social Media is all about immediate abundant results : Instant likes and views, in thousands is not the only key to success in Social media. Producing and sharing quality niche-specific content, in the form of blogs, posts or animations, on a regular basis, will also build up your reputation significantly, in the desired sector.

My targeted customers are older than a general user on social media: Not True, a whopping amount of people, above 50 years of age use social media. So, age doesn’t matters, only the engagement power of your post does.

Google Plus is not worth it:
Marketers should thought Google Plus as more of a tool for increasing your organic traffic and audience in Google. It also helps your brand to get mentioned in the knowledge graph. The results in Google’s SERP also include brands which have more +1’s in Google Plus.

Twitter is for Bollywood Stars/Politicians:
Big misconception, I must say! If you specifically concentrate on a specific niche hashtag (#) relevant for your enterprise, and post timely tweets for it, then it will definitely get in-trend eventually.

More Posting means more Campaign Reach:
Facebook’s Edge Rank algorithm tends to favor singular posts that have higher engagement rates. Posting too often may mean to segregate your likes, comments and shares among multiple posts, resulting in less user interaction at one particular post. So post less, but whatever you post must be compelling enough to drive shares.

Posting Should be on all the Social Media Networks:
Specializing in a singular social medium, with consistently increasing the level of expertise, is a much preferred option, instead of getting your fingers in multiple social platforms and getting nothing substantial out of any of them.

Paid campaign is the ‘Brahmastra’ of Social Marketing:
Many of the marketers think that paid campaign is that booster dose of injection, which will lead to instant sales and huge amount of traffic to your site. Although not wrong, but it is not completely true either. If paid campaign is not run accurately (for instance say, wrong targeting of audience group or geo-location preferences) it can lead to loss of money and yet no sales/lead generation at all.

There is no need to produce specialized and powerful Content:
Bill gates once said “Content is the King”. This is true to the helm of generating traffic through social media. Content is the most non-spammy and natural way of generating traffic which finally generate leads for our business. So, please start focusing on quality content from toady itself.

Conclusion: I think all your myths about the synergy of social media engagements have been busted in the above article. Now, work with this newfound energy, berserked, to drive crazy amount of traffic to your social presence.

Guest Post: This article is published by Codetoils, a SEO company in Jaipur and which is also a top-notch web designing company. Codetoils is famous for both its result in digital marketing and stunning designs.

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Search Engine Optimization

Importance of 404 Page in SEO

4O4 page in SEO

In digital marketing and SEO, there are various ranking parameters which contribute to the ranking of a site. Some of these ranking factors are Moz rank, PA and DA, speed of the site,etc. But what if any page on your site is not working correctly or that web-page has been removed permanently. Does it hampers the overall functioning and ranking of your site or not ?

This error is known as the 404 error in the Web fundamentals glossary. Now we will discuss in detail, whether 404 error affects your site ranking or not :

  • 404 error generally doesn’t affect rankings, until and unless, a lot of pages (say 300) are defunct. Now chances are that it will definitely affect your rankings, if a timely action is not taken, as a preventive measure.

  • If suppose that a web page of your site is getting loads of traffic and that is removed due to any unforeseen circumstances, than the 404 will definitely affect the search results, as all that relevant traffic will be lost eventually. It is better to put a 301 redirect, to the homepage of your site.

How to get out of the link Juice eating trap of defunct URL s :

  • If there is any page existing on your site which has been recently removed then please execute a URL redirect on that particular page to the home page of your site, using the 301 redirect.

  • If any erroneous URL or any typing mistake in the folder URL is executed in the browser, then again, you must make a 301 redirect to the home page of your site.

  • There must be no other redirect on any non-functional URL except the 404 and 301 redirects.

  • Google web-master traces down all your 404 error pages. We have noticed that there is a considerable lag, when it comes down to the removal of all the pages, from its list, which are no more 404ed. But according to the google webmaster trends analyst John Mueller, this problem will soon be resolved.

  • Suppose If you have a long list of URLs which are to be applied for the 404 then there is a shortcut method. Open your Htaccess file in the root folder of your project server and put this code. Syntax is :
    ErrorDocument 404/<your 404 page URL here>
    This will automatically redirect all the defunct URLs to your specified 404 page.

Conclusion : Follow all the above suggestions and get rid of this problem. You should know that coding format and site structure are important part of SEO and if you need help cleaning up your website, you’re in good hands with our team here at Codetoils!

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How to Perform a Website Audit

SEO website audit


How long has it been since you’ve performed an audit on your website?

If you ask a digital marketer, he/she will tell you to “shower some SEO” on your website. And, apparently it will consume more time and embrace the fixing your website woes and inbound marketing metrics. The website auditing requires much and in-depth knowledge and acquaintance about the specific website.


Hey, Readers! How have you been? In good spirits!

The website is the prolific outcome of the website owner’s seamless efforts and the time, which he invested in making his business online. Plus, remember to include the website audit in the procedure of making or refining the website. The website audit service is an imperative part of the SEO procedure. Don’t even afford to miss this significant step. It will charge you more.

Recently, I have gone through one of my friends’ website and discovered many flaws and blunders. Immediately, I told her to analyze her website. Actually, I am not directly associated with this digital market. Yeah…, the whole world is connected with the digital assets and in a way to this digitized market. But, still some major or root concepts are still in the house of the digital marketers. As a regular customer, I am also unaware of the tools and techniques. But, I could discover the errors. In short, the website has to be scrutinized carefully and within regular intervals. Many website SEO audit softwares are available in the market today. You can take help from those also.


Objective of Website Audit

Guys, its purpose is straightforward and facile. Actually, what happened with me is that as I have read the word “audit”, I got little bit tensed. It’s very common with the non-techno guy. Often, he would get confused with that.

But, as I have gone through its definition and its purpose, it’s pretty doable act. Simply, the site SEO audit assists the companies or organizations to determine how well their site is functioning and what improvements may be required.

When I have gone through the website, I have checked the links. Among them, I have found that clicking on some of the links will show the user an error message or redirect to other irrelevant site. Likewise, I have proceeded and discovered more facts and figures about my friend’s website from which she was also unfamiliar. Figuring out and improvements are the last step in this procedure.

The website SEO audit sounds like a massive work, but trust me, it’s entirely achievable.


Let’s discuss some steps that I have adopted whilst the website auditing. I have put my shoes in the visitor’s and then I have initiated the website audit procedure.


  1. Usage:

Navigation, Functionality and Performance are the three main factors that I have focused on as a first step. A visitor loves to surf that site, which opens smoothly and swiftly. The navigation between the web pages should be fast. But, unfortunately, when I opened the website, it took too long to response. I promptly made my friend aware of this issue. Plus, the functionality and performance were also included in my assessment process, like does the website you have used properly display in the common browsers and with the different monitor resolutions?



  1. Content:

Does the look of your site accurately reflect your brand and does it use your cardinal brand elements (logos, colors, etc.) accurately? Is the site upgraded with the latest content? Does the website incorporate all the prerequisite information about the organization (company details, product info, customer case studies, educational information, as, articles, blogs, etc?

I have asked these queries from me and then proceeded in the direction which had the answers to them. What I have acquired is that the content should be complete, effective, relevant, clear and the most importantly fresh.


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  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Before entering into the website, it is mandatory to please the search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. I personally appreciate this funda. Thereby, it is pivotal that your site should be properly optimized for the search engines. With the functionality of the website , I have noticed the website from the digital marketers’ point of views and explored that I and my friend couldn’t afford to miss this marketing concept. And, you know what this is the step that is to be vigilantly evaluated and so as I did. Some technical issues, I can tell you-

  • Proper use of 301s
  • Use of JavaScript
  • Use of Flash
  • Check for the errors in Google Webmaster tools

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  1. On-Page Optimization:

Now, it’s the chance of On-page SEO audit. So, I have stepped in this procedure. I contemplated many factors at this point. Since, I have indulged in the optimization process prior, so then I keenly focused on the on-site mine.

  • I have made the Title Tags optimized and unique. One thing more, your brand name should be included in that.
  • The pages that are cardinal must have click-through rate optimized titles and descriptions.
  • I have set the primary keywords within “H1” tag.
  • Last but not the least, the URLs should be optimized.




  1. Internal Linking:

Linking is the most indispensable element in the audit procedure. How the pages are linked? To whom they are linked? Is the other part relevant? Many questions will arise in your mind. I have checked the relevancy between the pages, as it proves lucrative for both the search engine and the user. Some of the points, I have assorted. Have a look.

  • The full page title and non-keyword anchor-text are the mandatory elements while pages are linked with each other.
  • Increase the number of the internal links on the pages, you have to rank better.
  • Link the pages that you want to rank higher with the home page.
  • Set the margin. I have preferred 2-10 internal links per page.


A website audit is an imperative procedure as it evaluates the entirely accomplished procedure and also embraces the improvements to make your website flawless. I have incorporated it well and made my friend’s website entirely-acceptable and optimized. J

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5 Things A Web Designer Won’t Let You Know


There are many arty-farty web designers who will tell you this and that about your site. They will keep on telling about how your site should look like. You have gone deaf! You are not listening to them. You know what; one thing they do not know is the customer is always right. Here the idea is not to pinpoint someone but the fact is that the designer should listen to its customers. Rather than focusing on the website instead, they should focus on what the customer wants.


Here are 5 crazy things that your web designer will never tell you.


Request for Design for Your Site Upfront: Before choosing a web designer for yourself, ask them they should come up with some designs for your site upfront. Just do not pay for this work. If they are serious about your website, then they will not ask for the cost. Some of them will have objections, and those who are desperate for work, would do it at competitive prices. The whole game is about creativity. Surely, a good designer will come up with a great work, even if they do not know who the target audience is. After all, who cares if they fulfill the business objectives.


Not to Hang Up on End-Users: Web designers or a web site design company always obsess about the end users. They think that user will not like it and they will not understand. People like to be told what to do and they will follow your lead. Don’t just focus on the needs of users also, focus on what you can grab out of it.


Rely on Your Words Not on Testing: what the heck is this user testing? It sounds as if; it is a way for web designers to charge extra money. Since you are in your job for over years, you know what the audience wants and what is right for your audience. Therefore, what is the need for testing? Therefore, your years of experience count for more than a few hours of testing. In addition, user testing is expensive.

Some designers will try to satisfy your urge by saying you will learn more because you will get to know the environment. As you already know, what users want so it is up to you to decide.


Community Should Provide Feedback: It is important to get feedback from other people. Do not ask web designers, as they will only give you positive feedback. So instead, the committee should be given freedom to discuss about designs. Eventually, some people will like the color, others will hate it. This is natural and will really help you because after all we will have a design that everybody will like.


Content Appear Above The Fold: You have limited amount of space on your website homepage. All content has to be fitted above the fold. Fold refers to the point where users have to start scrolling. It is a fact that most of the users do not scroll.


Some designers will try to prove their point that folds does not exist because different browsers, resolutions and toolbars all affect the vertical available space. Therefore, a good web designer will work with you, not for you. After all, it is your site and you should get the design you want.


A web designer does not tell many things to the client, he keeps them secret. Therefore, there are some secrets that a web designer will not tell you ever.


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Search Engine Optimization

A Comparison Between SEM and SEO


Basically, SEM is the melange of SEO (Unpaid) and PPC (Paid) strategies which meant to improve your website’s visibility in searches. Well, you can say that SEO is theimperative part of SEM.SEO is about optimizing the web property to get better rankings in the search results whilst SEM goes beyond SEO.
Hello Readers! Welcome to 2016! A Year to look 16…!!! More than a week has been passed on, but still our spirits are as fresh and enliven as the rising sun. So, a Very Happy New Year, Guys!
Here, we are going to toss around about search engine marketing and search engine optimization. I am not directly associated with this technical field. However, in a roundabout way, I amlinked with this techno-savvy world. SEM is connected to the Google and the other search engines in a way and Google connects the populace of the world with a robust line of the SEARCHES in the other way. When to differentiate between SEO and SEM, it is as simple as pie that both are different, but are linked with a vigorous thread.Yet, they are interlinked, the difference between SEO and SEM has still some crucial components that need to be considered. Actually, I have a keen interest in digging up more and more about the Search Engine Marketing aspect. It is an ocean of vast know-how and acquaintance. The more you dig deeper, the more information you will acquire.We have already put our shoes in this classic and wonderful concept. Are you ready to explore into its inside story? Let’s walk side-by-side.Very First, discover about the SEM and SEO individually. What are they? What are their significances? Thereupon, we are going to delve into the difference between SEM and SEO.

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing): SEM is one of the surpassing and major components of this digitized ambiance to boost your business an increasingly competitive marketplace. With the mass of businesses vying for the same eyeballs, the search engine marketing is the most persuasive approach to endorse your products and services.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO is the procedure to enhance the website’s visibility onthe organic (natural or unpaid) search engine result pages (SERPs), by incorporating search engine friendly elements into a website. In fact, it is the kind of convincing and conclusive approach that many companies and individuals are investing thousands of dollars into many SEO campaigns today.

On account of the above written lines about SEM and SEO, you can easily interpret that these two viable and imperative elements have much stature and importance in the current age. Let’s now proceed to differentiate between these two.

The major and considerable difference between SEM and SEO is that SEO is merely a narrower discipline of SEM. Whereas, SEM may not always be free, as it also uses paid ads for the certain keywords on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Besides that, we have more information about SEM VS. SEO.

  • First and foremost, SEO is a free campaign that allows you to make amendments to your website and apply other off-site techniques so that the search engines find it more easily. While, SEM mostly focuses on the paid search advertising that is done to boost your search engine ranking and get people to your site.
  • Common approaches that include SEO and SEM individually:


  • On-site SEOi.SEO (Free)
  • Off-site SEO                                                                              ii. PPC (Paid)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)


  • SEM is good. You can adopt this strategy for your website. For e.g.- if you are going to launch your site and want instantquality results, then go with PPC, it consumes less time than SEO, but it would adversely affect your website if you don’t even touch search engine optimization. Whereas, adopting SEO as your marketing tactic will deliver you results later, but will be cost-effective and establish a search credibility, that might not be possible with PPC.
  • SEM is a pervasive term as compared to SEO.Whilst, SEO better focuses to provide organic search results and SEM makes use of the search engines to market your business to the online customers and send a more targeted traffic to the website.
  • SEM will often make use of the advertising tactics. These usually appear or can be seen at the top or right hand side of the page. Whereas, SEO is an attempt that focuses to make the website appear closer to the top of the search engine results. Well, SEO must have to respond every Google’s algorithm update.

Well, as per our consideration, SEO and SEM are not at all the competing services. Initiate with a budget that is 65% geared towards SEM and 35% towards SEO and gradually mold towards lowering the SEM budget and speed up the SEO process, you will certainly procure the beneficial outcomes.

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