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5 Things A Web Designer Won’t Let You Know



There are many arty-farty web designers who will tell you this and that about your site. They will keep on telling about how your site should look like. You have gone deaf! You are not listening to them. You know what; one thing they do not know is the customer is always right. Here the idea is not to pinpoint someone but the fact is that the designer should listen to its customers. Rather than focusing on the website instead, they should focus on what the customer wants.


Here are 5 crazy things that your web designer will never tell you.


Request for Design for Your Site Upfront: Before choosing a web designer for yourself, ask them they should come up with some designs for your site upfront. Just do not pay for this work. If they are serious about your website, then they will not ask for the cost. Some of them will have objections, and those who are desperate for work, would do it at competitive prices. The whole game is about creativity. Surely, a good designer will come up with a great work, even if they do not know who the target audience is. After all, who cares if they fulfill the business objectives.


Not to Hang Up on End-Users: Web designers or a web site design company always obsess about the end users. They think that user will not like it and they will not understand. People like to be told what to do and they will follow your lead. Don’t just focus on the needs of users also, focus on what you can grab out of it.


Rely on Your Words Not on Testing: what the heck is this user testing? It sounds as if; it is a way for web designers to charge extra money. Since you are in your job for over years, you know what the audience wants and what is right for your audience. Therefore, what is the need for testing? Therefore, your years of experience count for more than a few hours of testing. In addition, user testing is expensive.

Some designers will try to satisfy your urge by saying you will learn more because you will get to know the environment. As you already know, what users want so it is up to you to decide.


Community Should Provide Feedback: It is important to get feedback from other people. Do not ask web designers, as they will only give you positive feedback. So instead, the committee should be given freedom to discuss about designs. Eventually, some people will like the color, others will hate it. This is natural and will really help you because after all we will have a design that everybody will like.


Content Appear Above The Fold: You have limited amount of space on your website homepage. All content has to be fitted above the fold. Fold refers to the point where users have to start scrolling. It is a fact that most of the users do not scroll.


Some designers will try to prove their point that folds does not exist because different browsers, resolutions and toolbars all affect the vertical available space. Therefore, a good web designer will work with you, not for you. After all, it is your site and you should get the design you want.


A web designer does not tell many things to the client, he keeps them secret. Therefore, there are some secrets that a web designer will not tell you ever.


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