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A Comparison Between SEM and SEO



Basically, SEM is the melange of SEO (Unpaid) and PPC (Paid) strategies which meant to improve your website’s visibility in searches. Well, you can say that SEO is theimperative part of SEM.SEO is about optimizing the web property to get better rankings in the search results whilst SEM goes beyond SEO.
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Here, we are going to toss around about search engine marketing and search engine optimization. I am not directly associated with this technical field. However, in a roundabout way, I amlinked with this techno-savvy world. SEM is connected to the Google and the other search engines in a way and Google connects the populace of the world with a robust line of the SEARCHES in the other way. When to differentiate between SEO and SEM, it is as simple as pie that both are different, but are linked with a vigorous thread.Yet, they are interlinked, the difference between SEO and SEM has still some crucial components that need to be considered. Actually, I have a keen interest in digging up more and more about the Search Engine Marketing aspect. It is an ocean of vast know-how and acquaintance. The more you dig deeper, the more information you will acquire.We have already put our shoes in this classic and wonderful concept. Are you ready to explore into its inside story? Let’s walk side-by-side.Very First, discover about the SEM and SEO individually. What are they? What are their significances? Thereupon, we are going to delve into the difference between SEM and SEO.

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing): SEM is one of the surpassing and major components of this digitized ambiance to boost your business an increasingly competitive marketplace. With the mass of businesses vying for the same eyeballs, the search engine marketing is the most persuasive approach to endorse your products and services.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO is the procedure to enhance the website’s visibility onthe organic (natural or unpaid) search engine result pages (SERPs), by incorporating search engine friendly elements into a website. In fact, it is the kind of convincing and conclusive approach that many companies and individuals are investing thousands of dollars into many SEO campaigns today.

On account of the above written lines about SEM and SEO, you can easily interpret that these two viable and imperative elements have much stature and importance in the current age. Let’s now proceed to differentiate between these two.

The major and considerable difference between SEM and SEO is that SEO is merely a narrower discipline of SEM. Whereas, SEM may not always be free, as it also uses paid ads for the certain keywords on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Besides that, we have more information about SEM VS. SEO.

  • First and foremost, SEO is a free campaign that allows you to make amendments to your website and apply other off-site techniques so that the search engines find it more easily. While, SEM mostly focuses on the paid search advertising that is done to boost your search engine ranking and get people to your site.
  • Common approaches that include SEO and SEM individually:


  • On-site SEOi.SEO (Free)
  • Off-site SEO                                                                              ii. PPC (Paid)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)


  • SEM is good. You can adopt this strategy for your website. For e.g.- if you are going to launch your site and want instantquality results, then go with PPC, it consumes less time than SEO, but it would adversely affect your website if you don’t even touch search engine optimization. Whereas, adopting SEO as your marketing tactic will deliver you results later, but will be cost-effective and establish a search credibility, that might not be possible with PPC.
  • SEM is a pervasive term as compared to SEO.Whilst, SEO better focuses to provide organic search results and SEM makes use of the search engines to market your business to the online customers and send a more targeted traffic to the website.
  • SEM will often make use of the advertising tactics. These usually appear or can be seen at the top or right hand side of the page. Whereas, SEO is an attempt that focuses to make the website appear closer to the top of the search engine results. Well, SEO must have to respond every Google’s algorithm update.

Well, as per our consideration, SEO and SEM are not at all the competing services. Initiate with a budget that is 65% geared towards SEM and 35% towards SEO and gradually mold towards lowering the SEM budget and speed up the SEO process, you will certainly procure the beneficial outcomes.

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