How to Generate Content Marketing Ideas?


“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock start. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one.” – Robert Rose


“Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” – Jon Buscall

And the requisite of this campaign is…

“The only way to win at Content Marketing is for the readers to say, ‘This was written specifically for me.”


Cntent Marketing


Understanding these great words of these eminent people, one thing that is very clear is that the content marketing is not a child’s play. You need to be very clear and specific when you are writing content and then marketing it, since it will be building up your goodwill. For this reason it becomes so imperative to have great content marketing ideas.

The bloggers and writer troll their minds just to find out ideations that come out as exciting, preferred and sharable. For this there are various content marketing tips that you can consider and build up good content that is marketed at a valuable rate. Here are the tips for you

  1. Use the Tools: As it has been mentioned earlier that content marketing is a campaign, so you need to remain alert and attentive to run this campaign successfully. One of the ways to remain updated with all the trends is to become friendly with tools that provide an insight about what is trending in the market.The above example shows how a tool called Buzzsumo shows the most shared topics on the search topic ‘Android’. You can see through the list of the topics and brainstorm to make a new and unique topic for yourself. There are many other tools other than Buzzsumo, namely, Alltop and Social Mention.
  2.   Social Media is the Way:


social media icons


One of the surest and safest ways for content marketing idea generation is to keenly follow the Social Media Sites. Also, these are the platforms which viral the content in no time.


Be on all the Social Media Sites namely Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, others and have a watcheye on all the activities on it. These are the gateway for you to be more insightful. Once you have taken the idea and have designed something new out of it, make that content available on these sites. These are the exact platforms to market your content. This way either of your purposes is fulfilled.

      3. Become Google Friendly: Amongst a number of search engines, Google is one of those search engines that is preferred over others. We all know that Search Engines works on the keywords. When we put on any search topic on the Google, there appears a list of suggestions that too have been searched.

This is your way. You must use Google to generate new ideas for content marketing. The suggestions that you get from Google when you search any things are the ones that people have searched. Through Google way, you will also get the credibility that your content too will create a buzz amongst the people.

  1. Subscription: One of the most relevant strategies that is being adopted these days is the subscription of newsletters and the updates. You must use it in your favor and involve people into your website updates. When there is more involvement, there is more response that your content and website will get. This practice helps in the long run. People stay with you and follow the updates that you are brining.

For creating higher rates of subscription, you need to adopt many marketing strategies, while giving high priority to the email marketing.

   5. Earned Media will Take You High: Something that has proliferated these days is the earned media. Earned media include sharing from the individual accounts on all the social networking sites, the bloggers and the other infusive factors. Getting enormous results from this is difficult, but the credibility of this marketing tip is comparatively higher than others. The reach is always potential and people place tremendous trust in the content through this way. The earned media can bring traffic to the website in huge amount.


    6. The Paid Campaigns:



Amongst many content marketing tips, one is the paid campaign. For anything to take high flight, the initiation is very crucial. As this has been mentioned earlier, that content marketing is a campaign, you can begin this campaign by paying for it. The search engines give higher credence to the links for which, it is paid for. The PPC services, the Reddit Ads, promoted tweets and various other ways are there through which you can pay and do an upgraded promotion and marketing of your content.

  7. Email Marketing Works Out: While you are doing the content marketing, one variable that you should keep in mind for a very successful content marketing is the email marketing. By dropping enticing and relevant email, the users are induced to open the home link given in the email. When the user clicks on the link, traffic is gathered on the website. Once the users have landed up on the website, you can use methods like pop-ups and the supporting linking through which traffic is ultimately gathered on the content. This is a long and quite indirect way, but a surest way of populating the content.

  8. SEO: We have all heard about the strength and the capabilities that SEO possess. You should work smartly and use it for your stance. SEO is one tool that works powerfully on the web than any other. Use keywords and link building techniques to rank your content higher. When you are visible on the search engines, you are automatically preferred and your content will not fail to get market. Use the SEO tool wisely and give a careful thought before you take any step in the process.

With these content marketing tips, you will be able to market your content at a huge space. Any content marketing done without these tips will have undesirable and unacceptable results, while these content marketing ideas will lead you to have good visible results.

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