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How long has it been since you’ve performed an audit on your website?

If you ask a digital marketer, he/she will tell you to “shower some SEO” on your website. And, apparently it will consume more time and embrace the fixing your website woes and inbound marketing metrics. The website auditing requires much and in-depth knowledge and acquaintance about the specific website.


Hey, Readers! How have you been? In good spirits!

The website is the prolific outcome of the website owner’s seamless efforts and the time, which he invested in making his business online. Plus, remember to include the website audit in the procedure of making or refining the website. The website audit service is an imperative part of the SEO procedure. Don’t even afford to miss this significant step. It will charge you more.

Recently, I have gone through one of my friends’ website and discovered many flaws and blunders. Immediately, I told her to analyze her website. Actually, I am not directly associated with this digital market. Yeah…, the whole world is connected with the digital assets and in a way to this digitized market. But, still some major or root concepts are still in the house of the digital marketers. As a regular customer, I am also unaware of the tools and techniques. But, I could discover the errors. In short, the website has to be scrutinized carefully and within regular intervals. Many website SEO audit softwares are available in the market today. You can take help from those also.


Objective of Website Audit

Guys, its purpose is straightforward and facile. Actually, what happened with me is that as I have read the word “audit”, I got little bit tensed. It’s very common with the non-techno guy. Often, he would get confused with that.

But, as I have gone through its definition and its purpose, it’s pretty doable act. Simply, the site SEO audit assists the companies or organizations to determine how well their site is functioning and what improvements may be required.

When I have gone through the website, I have checked the links. Among them, I have found that clicking on some of the links will show the user an error message or redirect to other irrelevant site. Likewise, I have proceeded and discovered more facts and figures about my friend’s website from which she was also unfamiliar. Figuring out and improvements are the last step in this procedure.

The website SEO audit sounds like a massive work, but trust me, it’s entirely achievable.


Let’s discuss some steps that I have adopted whilst the website auditing. I have put my shoes in the visitor’s and then I have initiated the website audit procedure.


  1. Usage:

Navigation, Functionality and Performance are the three main factors that I have focused on as a first step. A visitor loves to surf that site, which opens smoothly and swiftly. The navigation between the web pages should be fast. But, unfortunately, when I opened the website, it took too long to response. I promptly made my friend aware of this issue. Plus, the functionality and performance were also included in my assessment process, like does the website you have used properly display in the common browsers and with the different monitor resolutions?



  1. Content:

Does the look of your site accurately reflect your brand and does it use your cardinal brand elements (logos, colors, etc.) accurately? Is the site upgraded with the latest content? Does the website incorporate all the prerequisite information about the organization (company details, product info, customer case studies, educational information, as, articles, blogs, etc?

I have asked these queries from me and then proceeded in the direction which had the answers to them. What I have acquired is that the content should be complete, effective, relevant, clear and the most importantly fresh.


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  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Before entering into the website, it is mandatory to please the search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. I personally appreciate this funda. Thereby, it is pivotal that your site should be properly optimized for the search engines. With the functionality of the website , I have noticed the website from the digital marketers’ point of views and explored that I and my friend couldn’t afford to miss this marketing concept. And, you know what this is the step that is to be vigilantly evaluated and so as I did. Some technical issues, I can tell you-

  • Proper use of 301s
  • Use of JavaScript
  • Use of Flash
  • Check for the errors in Google Webmaster tools

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  1. On-Page Optimization:

Now, it’s the chance of On-page SEO audit. So, I have stepped in this procedure. I contemplated many factors at this point. Since, I have indulged in the optimization process prior, so then I keenly focused on the on-site mine.

  • I have made the Title Tags optimized and unique. One thing more, your brand name should be included in that.
  • The pages that are cardinal must have click-through rate optimized titles and descriptions.
  • I have set the primary keywords within “H1” tag.
  • Last but not the least, the URLs should be optimized.




  1. Internal Linking:

Linking is the most indispensable element in the audit procedure. How the pages are linked? To whom they are linked? Is the other part relevant? Many questions will arise in your mind. I have checked the relevancy between the pages, as it proves lucrative for both the search engine and the user. Some of the points, I have assorted. Have a look.

  • The full page title and non-keyword anchor-text are the mandatory elements while pages are linked with each other.
  • Increase the number of the internal links on the pages, you have to rank better.
  • Link the pages that you want to rank higher with the home page.
  • Set the margin. I have preferred 2-10 internal links per page.


A website audit is an imperative procedure as it evaluates the entirely accomplished procedure and also embraces the improvements to make your website flawless. I have incorporated it well and made my friend’s website entirely-acceptable and optimized. J

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