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Importance of 404 Page in SEO


4O4 page in SEO

In digital marketing and SEO, there are various ranking parameters which contribute to the ranking of a site. Some of these ranking factors are Moz rank, PA and DA, speed of the site,etc. But what if any page on your site is not working correctly or that web-page has been removed permanently. Does it hampers the overall functioning and ranking of your site or not ?

This error is known as the 404 error in the Web fundamentals glossary. Now we will discuss in detail, whether 404 error affects your site ranking or not :

  • 404 error generally doesn’t affect rankings, until and unless, a lot of pages (say 300) are defunct. Now chances are that it will definitely affect your rankings, if a timely action is not taken, as a preventive measure.

  • If suppose that a web page of your site is getting loads of traffic and that is removed due to any unforeseen circumstances, than the 404 will definitely affect the search results, as all that relevant traffic will be lost eventually. It is better to put a 301 redirect, to the homepage of your site.

How to get out of the link Juice eating trap of defunct URL s :

  • If there is any page existing on your site which has been recently removed then please execute a URL redirect on that particular page to the home page of your site, using the 301 redirect.

  • If any erroneous URL or any typing mistake in the folder URL is executed in the browser, then again, you must make a 301 redirect to the home page of your site.

  • There must be no other redirect on any non-functional URL except the 404 and 301 redirects.

  • Google web-master traces down all your 404 error pages. We have noticed that there is a considerable lag, when it comes down to the removal of all the pages, from its list, which are no more 404ed. But according to the google webmaster trends analyst John Mueller, this problem will soon be resolved.

  • Suppose If you have a long list of URLs which are to be applied for the 404 then there is a shortcut method. Open your Htaccess file in the root folder of your project server and put this code. Syntax is :
    ErrorDocument 404/<your 404 page URL here>
    This will automatically redirect all the defunct URLs to your specified 404 page.

Conclusion : Follow all the above suggestions and get rid of this problem. You should know that coding format and site structure are important part of SEO and if you need help cleaning up your website, you’re in good hands with our team here at Codetoils!

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