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Keyword Research – The Best Way To Dig Profitable Keywords


keyword research

Keywords… what do you think they are! They are the foundation of the optimization procedure for the website or the pack of the words that are acquired after the keyword analysis. For a Jane Doe, it’s almost impossible to understand the essence behind the searching or obtaining keywords.

As a Content Writer and a snippet of the optimization procedure, I know that the keywords are generated using the keyword research tools or the keyword planner tool. However, it’s not probably feasible for a common human being. So, what actually are the keywords?

In the Layman’s language, the keywords or key phrases are the mélange of the words that the user wants, that the users search for, the audience types in the search bar…! Simply, it is the SEARCH TERM, for the common being, right!!!

Now, be professional. The Keyword or the Keyphrase is the group of the words that the client anticipates that the user or the customer will be going to use this when searching for any aspect.

And for this, you have to conduct the thorough research before reaching to an unwavering decision.

The words are persuasive. But, the right words are more influential.

Look, I just simply want to tell you all that the keywords are the worthy section of the optimization procedure. Many keyword planner tools are available on our lovely Google. So, search and use it wisely. I have been working for long and not too much, but I know enough about the SEO industry. I have acknowledged with the significance of the keywords, especially, the long-tail keywords and the other optimization attributes very well. Though, my task is to write, to share my views with the readers, but, a thing is so much imperative is the research… To write on any topic, you have to conduct the thorough research and it’s essential to present the quality and creative content.

Here I am going to discuss about the remunerative keyword research mode. Let’s see…


Ways to conduct Competent Keyword Research



  • Swallow the market to discover the strategies:

Believe or not, search engine optimization is entirely relying on the keywords, the words and the phrases used for search queries. And, to grab the prestigious position in the market, very first you have to indulge in the market analysis earnestly. Dig up the ditches of the market to acknowledge yourself with the current market strategies and tactics.

As I belong to this scenario, so I’ll recommend you to swirl around the entire landscape and gather the enforced and indispensable information about the optimization of your website so that you might not face any dilemma later on.


  • Be upgraded:

Being up-to-date is very necessary in order to walk hand-in-hand with the current prevailing tide. Okay, simply procure the knowledge about the optimization procedure and get set go. Adorn your website with the maximum number of visitors which will transform into the customers.

The long tail keywords are the best proved facets in the keywords world. As an illustration- suppose you want to buy a mobile phone and you have entered the word- “Mobile” on the Google, then you can imagine the number of searches on Google. It were 5,48,00,00,000 results. But, if you type the specific group of words, like- “Lenovo K3Note Music Mobile”, the particular results are shown. It were 7,25,000 results.

Now, it’s up to you. Whether you want to juggle among the crores of results or simply want the sorted results.


  • What’s your targeted audience:

The audience is the significant component to be taken into account whilst searching into the market. As a Content Writer, I want that my blog is appreciated by the readers and so as every individual wants to be commended for their work. So, just make sure that what you have been done is solely to target the audience.

The more the right is the keywords, the more the audience is grabbed.

  • Alternative Search Suggestions:

If you are looking for the alternative suggested search boxes, the following search engines have identical suggested search options that appear below the search box when you initiate typing in keywords. Depending upon the keyword, each search engine will offer different suggestions. Do have a look.

  1. Yahoo
  2. Bing
  3. Blekko
  4. Ask
  5. Dogpile

Although, Google is the main search engine to target, but it doesn’t bother if you seek on other search engines also.


Keyword Research is the cardinal step in the optimization procedure. I’ll suggest you, undertake this phase earnestly.


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