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First things come first:
Why you should optimize your website for mobile? The mobilegeddon update in April 2015 highlighted the importance of mobile devices. This was in results of search engines like Google. It also stated that if a site is being optimized for mobile device. It also impacts its general desktop results a lot. After the update, there was a lot of shuffle in the search rankings. A number of top companies lost their ranks tremendously. Some of the SEO gurus even compared it, with the search fluctuations after Google penguin was launched. This was way back in 2012. So it becomes an established fact, that it is essential for any site to optimize itself for mobile and tablet view. This approach is now followed by all Web Design companies in Jaipur, and in a broader sense in the whole India and World. It is being used as per search engine regulations.

Now we will talk about multiple parameters of design which makes your site mobile friendly:

I. Get back to basics first :

Your content must be visually appealing. This is in accordance with the small screen size of the mobile and tablet devices. This can be easily performed by the effective use of CSS.
Reduce the image sizes and increase the font size in the images/pics. This makes them easily readable.
The scroll should be top-to-bottom. Avoid right-left Scroll.
If your webpage is long enough, do not forget to add a “move-to-top” button at the bottom-right of the screen.
Get an exclusive app developed if your site is an e-commerce store. By saying this we are going beyond the scope of this blog. But it is an honest advice from us.

II. Rethink your designing options: prefer mobile sub-domain

Don’t allow Google to automatically convert your site to mobile friendly form. This makes your images and content resizing in a unattractive way.
Instead make a mobile sub-domain. This can be done with the help of sub-domain txt files. This will disallow your mobile specific optimization to interfere with the desktop version.
Avoid using flash or ajax. In their place use XHTML and WML.
You have to make sure that your site runs well on WAP devices too. And not only on smartphones. This will breath- in a wider spectrum of audiences to your site.

III. Tablet Optimization :
You also need to optimize your website for a little wider screen than the smartphones i.e. tablet and phablets. You actually have to make sure that your device runs neatly on every type and size of screen.

Follow all of the above design principles and get ready to be flooded with lots of organic traffic to your site.

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