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SEO in 2016: What You Should Follow


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Have you heard about the term SEO? Some of you say yes and some no. Actually, it is the mediocre among the digital marketers. They know about the SEO aka search engine optimization very well.

Well!!! I also know about the SEO services. Actually, one of my friends is associated with this field. He is working as an SEO Executive in a firm. Plus, my inquisitiveness is to learn more facts and figures behind the curtains of Google. And, believe me, I have learnt many new and interesting aspects about the search engines.

Have you ever imagined what you have typed in the search bar of Google, and how the results would be shown? Have you ever looked at the term (eg.-“About 3,91,00,000 results (0.92 seconds)) above the search listings. What is it actually? It (3,91,00,000) is the number of searches for a specific term and the time (0.92 seconds) is the duration, which Google takes to search that peculiar term. Have you ever noticed? And, if you have ever seen it, do you know what is it? Not all of you, people!

SEO is the massive landscape with distinctive attributes. Primarily, it consists of the organic SEO and inorganic SEO. The organic means the un-paid or free listing and the inorganic means the paid listing. A huge amount of information would still leave for me to learn. Then, I moved a step ahead and started to study about SEO at my end. I have acknowledged that ethical SEO marketing is more influential and beneficial to subsist in this current ambience rather than to incorporate any false means. He told me about some concepts of SEO that will rule over the market in 2016.

Effective SEO in 2016

Concepts of SEO in 2016

“The days of SEO being a game outsmarting algorithms are over. Today content strategy and valuable, sustainable strategies are essential, not just tricks and links.” ~ Adam Audette

The year is going to transform and so as the era and other aspects. Lets peep into some points.

  • The audience is the core, keywords later on:

Be compatible and in sync with the audience, you will always be in gain. The audience should be your main concern. So, rather targeting the keywords, first focus on the type of the audience and the product and then formulate the keywords according to them. Discover what they want, which terms they enter in the search bar and what they are frequently looking for. Then proceed to the keywords tool to view the suggestions and make them.

  • Engage in the forum discussions:

Participating in the discussions is the most straightforward approach to reach to the audience’s heart. They will reveal their opinion about the certain product and this will help you out a lot to know their choices. So, just indulge in the discussion and enhance your contacts in the market.

  • Analyze the competitors:

Have an eye on your competitors also. Okay, I agree, they are your opponents and yes, don’t underestimate them, but at some jiffy, they might prove helpful for you. Their strategies, techniques, tactics or ways might help you out in competing in this hard-hitting world. So, it’s my suggestion to scrutinize your competitors in 2016 from time to time.

  • org is the new stem is a kind of markup that can be included in your code of the website. Using this aspect, you can inform the Google about various details of your website, like where your videos are, what type of services you are offering, where you are located and much more.

Why I am discussing this here? This is the most lucrative factor to enhance the rankings of your website.

  • Be social:

The social media channel is going to rock the market with more and more opportunities for you in 2016. Be associated with it, you will be in the gold mine. Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Linkedin and Facebook are the decisive and grand illustrations of the social media. Be the part of them and fly over the SEO sky, and embrace your name in the list of the top SEO companies.

  • Mobile is the king:

Within the few years, the mobile searches have exceeded the desktop queries. And, in 2016, it will continue to rule over the digital market. With the headway of the era and the time, the mobile has become the quintessential marketing component and its prominence is flourishing day-by-day. Must include this in your SEO strategy.

  • Content always speaks:

Content has moved one step ahead. It has ascended from King. Continue with your content marketing strategy in 2016 also.

Here, I have discussed about some of the SEO concepts for 2016. Actually, my friend has told me about these.

Fell free to share your ideas about SEO in 2016…

P.S: This article is written by our in-house content writer. Through this post she shared her experiences she learnt while researching and training on search engine optimization modelling.

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