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The Most Hilarious Complaints We’ve Heard About fake SEO Company



Fake SEO Company

SEO aka search engine optimization is a stereotyped term in the current milieu. Every individual, linked with the digital marketing, has very familiar about this word. And, the protocol is as simple as pie, employ the right search engine optimization process in your business and get benefited by acquiring the higher rank in the search engine result page. SEO has become very lucrative factor for your agency to survive in this hard-hitting ambiance. However, be careful about who you choose to carry out your SEO and do not put all your resources (funds) into solely SEO.

In today’s competitive market, SEO is more substantial than ever. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and that is a very huge statistic. If you have a website, blog or online store, SEO can assist your business grow and meet the business objectives. Let us imagine that you are searching for the “best website designing company in Delhi”. A common human will open the first 5-8 starting websites or max to max all the results of the first page. An individual is so busy today that no one will endeavor to click on page ‘2’.

SEO is the terminology or jargon that may lead your business to the elevated height or drop you down from the slope. It seems very easy to undertake the search engine procedure for your organization, but in fact, it is not easy as it looks. Often, the individuals adopt the misstep in choosing the right SEO firm. Myriad of SEO agencies are providing the SEO services to take the company from the ground to the high altitude. But, among them, there are many who are counterfeit and phony and mislead the individuals and the firm owners.

The bogus SEO service providers make many fish stories to tuck away their trickery game. The matter is that you have to be very wary whilst searching for the righteous service provider. And, yes… it is important to have the congenial SEO services for your organization. It can put you ahead of the competition. If two websites are involved in the same product’s business, then the search engine optimized website is more likely to have more customers and make more sales.

Within the few years, numerous companies have come under the fire for making the customer fraud. One of the responsible reasons is the change of Google’s algorithms. Google makes an average of 1.5 algorithm changes each day with varying degrees of intensity. The most tough task is to be updated with the modern information and the way to implement it. Most SEOs don’t get themselves updated and remain stuck with the same old facts and figures and ultimately lead to the disastrous outcomes which are adversely proportional to the progress of the agency. It leads to a directory of the complaints of the users from the SEO consultants.

Complaints about fake SEO agency:

All the old SEO tactics are not employed now in the procedure. The algorithms have brought many new more effective techniques that will work out to gain the rank of the website. In such cases, you have the SEO’s who are either knowingly lying or still benignly think that these tactics will actually help their customers. Let us discuss some of the complaints about the spurious companies.


Yeah, sure… we can do SEO:

Myriad of firms are providing the SEO services today. It has actually become the necessity to stand in the competition. But, it is your task to find the reliable SEO firm among all the organizations. There are some firms who provide the website designing and development services along with the SEO services. But, the fact is that they don’t have the deeper know-how of the SEO strategies. Basic on-page and off-page optimization services are essential for each SEO consultant. But, still they nod their heads in answer “yes” when you have asked about providing the SEO services. This is the fraudulent trick to seize the customers in the trap.


Results take time, Search engines do not reward SEO efforts instantly:

Acquiring the rank is not an overnight process. It requires the seamless efforts of months and sometimes years. Let us take an example. Suppose you have hired an SEO firm and make a deal of 6 months. The firm has employed all black-hat and irrelevant techniques like the SEO consultants don’t have concentrated on the on-page optimization, rather than, stuff the pages with the keywords, that are actually frowned by the search engines. Further, they have used an automated tool to place the links on many irrelevant and low quality sites. Consequently, the links are so poor and keyword-stuffed that Google do not acknowledge even a single link.


Don’t share the running progress:

The reliable SEO firms have a responsible team, which ponders each and every single aspect separately and vigilantly. The team has the diverse members that have been allotted the different tasks, like link-building, on-page, blog outreach, content writing, etc.
But, the case is reversed in the case of fake SEO companies. They have prior said to take your website on the first page of the search engine, but amidst the process, they have denied to share the running progress with you. They have started to make the excuses for not sharing like it is the on-going digital process, how we can show you the active process. Just believe us, we will make your website shine on the search engine result page.
You can hear such whys and wherefores from the forged SEO firms.


Doesn’t show the previous accomplishments:

If the company is honest and reliable, then surely, it must have the proven and excellent track record. If they will refuse to show the previous achievements, then it must be planning to play the game of befooling you. This is a very common complaint about the fake SEO agency. As a matter of fact, the individuals have hired the SEO firms after just convinced by the consultants’ words. They forget to check the details and the former feats of the firm before reaching to a decision to make a deal with the specific agency. Obviously, they have nothing to show you. That’s why, they will make the excuses and the counterfeit explanations.


Don’t believe promises:

If a firm has said that they will promise to enhance your website’s rank within 2 months or 3 months, then don’t ever trust them. Remember, SEO is a boundless process and no one can decide prior when the website will rank. Though, employing the appropriate and ethical SEO strategies is in their hands, but no one can decide the time. Moreover, a common statement that you can hear frequently- “We will take your website at position 1 on the first page of the search engine.” It is impossible to decide prior that your website will acquire the position 1. It is all about employing the legitimate SEO strategies in the apt way so that it leads to the higher rank.

There is N number of small and fake seo company in delhi that make fake promises to clients and always ready to work in cheap cost but with black hat seo technique that hurt your website rank.

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