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Top 5 UX Trends Every Web Design Agency Should Follow


As the time is changing, so are the trends. Earlier, when the static designs dominated, it was a fashion and everyone just wanted that. The current time talks all about the user experience. Today website design companies focus on involving the users in their design and thereby leave a satisfactory experience for them. Involving the users into the website or as we call it users experience includes various techniques, namely responsive designs, animations and lots more.

This implies that web design agencies today need to put in UX trends in their workings and deliver the best user experience. This will surely come out as a strategy that will help website designing companies grow and become better in every way. Once the user lands up on a website, he seeks the stuff that provides him information as well as entertainment. When it has been an engaging experience for him in the first time, he is certain to come back again to the website.

Providing this unmatched experience to each user is what leads to unparalleled growth of the company. To accomplish this, each website designing company needs to follow the UX trends that are proliferating at the time. So down are the top 5 UX trends that every web design agency should follow and see the change in their workings.

  1. Animation is a New In:


animaion is a new in First and foremost that I am including is the ‘Animation’. This is the latest in and is going to turn as a big hit. Missing out on this technique now will leave your users unsatisfied and lack of engagement with the users.

You must include the videos, animated GIFs and also the simple icon animation in your website and the websites that you are designing in the coming time. The animations will help you enhance the website’s story telling. There are many kinds of animation that you can use according to your usability. These include

  • Small Scale Animation
  • Large Scale Animation
  • Loading Animation
  • Navigation and Menus (non scrolling animation)
  • Hover Animation
  • Galleries and Slideshows
  • Motion Animation
  • Scrolling
  • Background Animation/Videos

With this list of animations, you can pick a kind of animation that suits most appropriately to your website and get ready for the best user experience ever. Also, soon tools for making these animations will be made available, which will make it quite easy.

  1. Responsive Web Design: Responsive Web DesignAnother trend in the UX designing is the responsive websites. As we all know that responsive website offers a good user experience by becoming responsive or reactive to all screens.

Today the majority of users, access the website or web with different devices, to name a few, mobile phones, tables, computers, etc. They need a complete view of the website from that device itself. For this reason, the responsive websites are a must. Hence the designers are required to design a website that is responsive to the screens of the users


    3. The Impactful Slideshows:


The Impactful Slideshows


Slide shows are things for the time. Slide shows on the website helps the users connect to the website more powerfully and leave an enriching impact on the users. These are also enticing to the designers. With full width and high resolution, let these slides engage the users in your website more than ever. The graphical representation through the slide shows will work as the tool for involvement of users. Giving high weight age to this kind of representation is one of the best things that website Design Company can do. Hence, using this trend is worth and will give the results that you have seeking.

    4. Card Design is Powerful:


Card design is powerful


As we have all loved the real cards, internet too have started loving the cards these days. Card designs are therefore being used at an accelerating rate. The age of mobile phones and the gadgets essentially is longing for the card designs. Card designs are nothing but to represent the theme, message, etc. in the form of card which are easily assessable to all devices. The card designs have been debated to be used in the past time as well and now have struggled to advance. So can now see the extended card designs in the mobile card-driven web search tool, to Twitter, Pinterest, Google Now, Apple Glances, and Facebook.

5. The Speed and the Performance: Another trend that is spurring up in the age is the speed and the performance of the website. All that a user wants is that he gets all the relevant information on a website without devoting much time. This implies that the website needs to response to the command of the users in no time. For this, the designers and developers can also refer to the Google Page Speed Tool. With this, they review the optimization of their website. Also to design and develop a faster website, the concerned persons should follow these basic steps:

  • Use SVG images more than PNGs
  • Fast hosting is necessary to achieve the best marks in Google page speed.
  • Consider Placing Script Tags at the Bottom
  • Optimized images for default resolutions and Retina display separately.
  • When Deploying, Compress CSS and JavaScript Files
  • When Practical, Use Libraries and Frameworks

These are the 5 UX trends that every web design agency must use and give the best user experience by remaining updated with the trends of the time.

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