Write for Us

Write for Us

Hi Folks!

Hope you all are doing very well!

Does when you think of digital marketing, all the thoughts troll in your mind and make you want to express them?

For you only, we have come. We invite you to write as our guest blogger and express yourself.  The blogs on Search Engine Optimization, SMM, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Designing, and Industry News are welcomed. To make your experience a little easier, we have set some guideline, find them below.


  • Word Limit expected would be 800-1500
  • 100% Original Content
  • Supported with Images

Other Guidelines:

  • We would expect 2 blogs from a blogger in a month.
  • 2 hyperlinks would be provide- 1 do-follow link in the blog and 1 anchor text in the bio of the author.
  • The blog must contain keywords that don’t breach the Google algorithm.
  • Content must convey the details on the above mentioned topics.
  • Important words to be marked with Bold and Italic fonts.
  • Already published blogs will not be accepted
  • Any promotional activity is violated.

If you find the above mentioned guidelines suitable to your workings, then send us your blog on support[@]technocrab[dot]com. All the blogs we will be examined by our editor and will be published thereafter. We will acknowledge you with approval of your content in 2-7 business days.

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