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In this tech-savvy world, everything that you and your customers need is available through technology. When you want to reach to your target audience, why would you take up the old tactics and hit their minds with your products and services in long time? Being available in hand is the need of the hour.

Email is an alternative that you should be choosing over any other, to fulfill the purpose. Codetoils is an email marketing company in Jaipur who provide the services pertaining to the email marketing. Email marketing today is one of the most conventional and convenient ways to reach masses at once. The enlarged circle of audience lets the company earn direct returns from them.

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Codetoils is enriched with a team of experts who have a piercing and notching eye to develop and run the campaigns that works and brings out the efficient and effective outcome for the clients. Our email marketing services have been benefiting for all of our clients. We assist them with exceptional email formations that bring real time and visible results.Want to see how will we assist you with our email marketing solutions? Here you go…


Each time we take up any client, we undergo an in-depth research that helps the clients and Codetoils team to develop an understanding and have a smooth and continuous working. In the process, we analyze the most appropriate technique that is profitable to the business of the client. Our campaign strategies are designed with clever planning and the productivity of the businesses. We craft strong emails, generate circulation and bring the ultimate consumer for the client. Incorporating catchy and meaningful subject line makes the user/consumer to visit the email. With active and steady email content, the users are enticed to read the complete mail. This in turn invites the action by the user and converts them into leads. This entire process lets us see the visions of our clients come true.

When we say that we provide bulk email marketing services, we keep the security as one of our priority. There is a huge difference between legitimate business email and spam emails. To protect our clients and the users, we provide with an “opt out of subscription” option to the users. This helps in building the credibility and authenticity of the business.

For any task to get started and run full-fledgedly, it needs its objectives and the ultimate target that is to be achieved. Unless the target is set, the campaign doesn’t get its direction. Keeping this in mind, the Codetoils experts outline the targets for the client’s business. All the targets that we set, which are to be achieved from email marketing, are practical, workable and compensable. Here is a brief outline of our general targets.

• The ratio of emails delivered
• The ratio of emails opened
• The ratio of people who clicked the link
• The ratio of people who undergone the transaction
• The amount of revenue induced from the campaign

With this as the broad targets for email marketing, we provide our clients with reports that contain the details and steps taken at all steps. Having a clear and documented proof in hand, our clients are able to have a clear perceptive with the workings of the Codetoils. This also lets the clients to convey the changes and expectation they have from us and ultimately let them place enormous trust in us.

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