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Creative Web Design Services in Jaipur

Our creative designers will give new life to your website. Your clients will be amazed by seeing your creative eye-catching website, either your e-commerce or a personal website. Our creative web design services turn on the heat,drive revenue, and compel your clients to cruise swiftly on your website.

Here at CodeToils, we offer web design services at very affordable prices. We have passionate and professional website designer squad, having long industry experience. Our designers are aware of user’s perspective, UX & UI and latest marketing trends.codetoils’s web designers are efficient in creating fully responsive and optimized web designs, whether it be a simple HTML5 website or based on any CMS or open source.

We Create More Than A Website

  • Multipurpose in Nature: We customized website design that not only serves multi-purpose but also interactive in nature.
  • Personal touch: Our dynamic website design gives you an experience of personal property. Each page or section can be mold according to your needs and requirements.
  • Eye-Candy: Whether it be a dynamic website or a static website, we create appealing eye-candy designs.

Think What We Can Create Together

Apart from website designing services, we offer following services:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • Logo Designing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customized Content Management System
Codetoils - Website Design Services in Jaipur

Effective Web Design Process in Codetoils

Hello! Welcome to the Codetoils Studio We are a web design and development company expertise in creating custom web designs. Our designers are extraordinarily styled and well-versed. Simply, we convert your dreams into reality!

Six Phases of the Website Design Process There are copious steps in the website design process. From congregating preliminary information, to the making of your website, and lastly to upholding to keep your website updated and current

Step 1. Information congregating The initial phase in designing a conquest website is to congregating information. So many things need to be taken into concern when we design the look and the feel of your site, so we initially as a lot of questions to assist us knowing your business completely and your requirements in a website.

Step 2. Planning Employing the information gathered from step 1, we design a plan for your website. In this planning phase, we develop a site map – a list of entire main topic or areas of the site as well as sub-topics (if required). This provides us a raw idea as to what content will be on the website, and is necessary to develop a dependable, simple to get navigational system. This is also the stage where we decide what technologies should be implemented – CMS, Interactive forms such as WordPress, Joomla etc.

Step 3. Design Following the planning up to this phase, we determine the aesthetic appeal and feel of the website. Target audience is one of the crucial part taken into focus here. A website aimed at youngsters, i.e. will look much different than one meant for a financial institute. We also integrate elements such as the company logo or colors to fortify the identity of your company on the website.

Step 4. Development This is where the website itself is constructed. We take all of the individual or particular graphic elements from the prototype and employ them to build the functional website. We also take your content and dole out it through the website, in the suitable locations.

Step 5. Examining & Delivery At this phase, we look to the final details and test your website. We examine things such as the entire functionality of forms or other scripts, we test for last minute compatibility issues, assuring that the website is optimized to be live (exhibit) properly in the most updated browser version.

Step 6. Maintenance The development your website is not essentially over, though. One way to bring constant visitors to your website is to provide latest content or products on a frequent basis. If this appeals to you, we will be most grateful to shake hands with you to make your website completely new. We provide maintenance packages at cost-effective rates, based on how frequent you foresee generating changes or additions to your website